New Facebook Timeline Has Arrived, Here’s What Changed

Posted by on March 21, 2013 at 6:05 pm
The future is here yet again.

The future is here yet again!

Last week, I talked about how not only was Facebook bringing us a revised News Feed, but the company also (rather silently) unveiled an update to everyone’s Timeline, the most personal aspect of the service. It’s now finally hitting accounts and I’m here to show you exactly what happened so people don’t get hurt. Or you don’t get hurt, I don’t know what kind of person you are.

Timeline Is Now One Column. There’s no crisscross madness across two columns as the Timeline is dynamically generated anymore. Instead, all of your events are funneled into a single column, kinda like the old days.

The Left Flank Is For Your Apps. These content boxes already exist in your current Timeline, but are kind of unruly, being generated based on recent activity, which apps you use, so on. All your recent Instagram pictures, albums, favorite TV shows, and scads of others will appear here underneath a reintroduced About box that fills in with more details than the current iteration. You can customize this entire left flank and which apps appear here. Once you reach the end of this list, it locks in while the Timeline on the right continues to scroll freely.

It’s Not As Pretty? This is purely a nitpick, but while the new Timeline slims things down ever slightly, but I sorta miss the Timeline strip that ran between the updates. That, of course, is completely useless since there’s no need to orient two columns on that strip. Also, the customize box for the app flank can be rather large and unwieldy depending on how many apps you use. It didn’t seem very pretty from here, but, again, it’s a small matter. Of course, after being introduced to the pending News Feed update, this seems like a weird lateral step.

You should expect this upgrade soon, be ready!

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