Twitter Discontinuing TweetDeck Apps, I Can Not Stop Crying

Posted by on March 5, 2013 at 11:12 am
TweetDeck was one of the first Android apps I latched onto and it became a regular inclusion from there on. No longer.

TweetDeck was one of the first regular Android apps with a widget that served as a landmark on my home screen for years. No longer.

Okay, hang on guys. *sob* Sorry, just have to compose myself a little. *sniff* So, today TweetDeck made the announcement that they would be discontinuing their app across Android, iOS, and the PC, but will maintain their web app for desktops. Despite giving the desktop version a positive note when it released, I haven’t had a reason to keep it open until recently. The loss of the Android app, however, is huge.

Without knowing anything about TweetDeck, I can’t stress how important it was. It took my Facebook and Twitter feeds and put them together and allowed you to easily customize a variety of feeds. TweetDeck was once just an independent app, but once Twitter purchased the team, updates on the mobile versions ceased. It’s been okay since then, but as Facebook and Twitter have both evolved as services, the program would handle new messages and notifications a little weirdly. Unfortunately, with Twitter closing up its access to its API for third-party developers, the idea of having to scroll through my Facebook and Twitter feeds in separate apps sounds like the absolute worst. The app will be removed in May and stop working entirely shortly thereafter.

Pour one out, homies.

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