A 7″ Tablet Won’t Save Microsoft’s Surface

Posted by on April 11, 2013 at 9:37 am
It makes music!

This, but smaller.

Google has seen some success with their seven-inch tablet. Apple did the same. It’s a comfortable size just beyond the realm of a smartphone, so why not? So who, once again, is late to the party when it comes to consumer trends? Why, it’s Microsoft and the rumored seven-inch version of their Surface, a device with the common complaint that it, at over ten inches, was far too big.

Of course, this doesn’t resolve some other key issues with Microsoft’s bigger Surface, such as the fact that a desktop mode still exists or that, despite having 50,000 now, the app selection still feels dire. It’s 2013, we shouldn’t be feeling the pains of a slim app marketplace anymore. Microsoft wants Surface to succeed while their hardware partners fail, which is a similar tack they took with the Zune, which was also fashionably late to the party, landing years after the iPod had already soaked up the market like an iSponge. (That was truly terrible, I am very sorry.)

Still, a seven-inch Surface will probably wind up in the cheap end of the spectrum and maintain Microsoft’s amazing build quality. It might even suss a purchase out of this cynic. As much as I already love Windows 8 for my desktop, I’ve given up on the “Metro” apps in favor of a full desktop environment because of my power user needs. It’ll be like a whole new experience!

Source: Wall Street Journal

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