Facebook To Add Individual TV Show Episodes, Movies To Listings

Posted by on April 16, 2013 at 9:29 am
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Consume all of the data, Facebook! All of it!

Today, Facebook announced a partnership with Rovi, owners of TV Guide and tons of entertainment data. What does this mean for the you and me? Standards, man, standards.

While individual episodes of TV shows and movies have lived on Facebook for a while, they’ve either been added by individual users or pulled from a variety of different sources. With some standardized content, like episode listings, synopses, and tons of other metadata at hand, not only will you be able to find and Like all kinds of new stuff, but developers will also be able to utilize that information, too. As part of their new actionable tells, you should actually be able to tell the universe (or just your friends, really) what episode of Grey’s Anatomy you watched last night and who you saw it with. It’s more data for Facebook and your friends to know. Realistically, if you’re already this far into the giving Facebook data, you can probably go a little bit further.

Source: Variety

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