HTC Employee Apologizes For The Thunderbolt, But Is It Enough?

Posted by on May 1, 2013 at 6:11 pm
Or maybe not so quietly

Or maybe not so quietly

It’s been all over the internet the last couple of days that an employee of HTC, the Taiwanese company responsible for a vast assortment of smartphones over the few years, stepped up and informally apologized for the Thunderbolt: the first phone to release with 4G LTE and the biggest hunk of crap which ever hit the shelves. (You can’t even argue it, it’s not even close.) But, is simply apologizing enough?

As a former Thunderbolt Blunderbolt owner, I don’t think so.

I could go on for days listing the myriad issues I had with HTC’s “flagship” phone (at least that’s what they were billing it as when I upgraded early and paid the full $549 for mine), but I’ll just talk about the issues that everyone had instead. Slow response times, too much crap built in to the “Sense” UI – complete with all the bloatware HTC shoves in there, slowing the phone down even worse, a complete lack of any support or upgrades (it only got ICS a couple of months ago) and updates that were broken as hell.

I made no secret of the fact that when I got the ICS update, it utterly paperweighted my phone. It got so slow after the update that incoming calls would often roll over to voicemail before the phone app would even start up enough to allow me to answer the call. Due to this, I missed a number of calls and had to then wait for the phone app to start, call my voicemail, listen to the message, hang up, wait another 30-45 seconds for the phone app to reinitialize and try to call the person back.

If I was lucky, the call would go through on the first attempt. Then the phone started locking up 3-4 times per day so I would have to take the battery out to reboot it. The list goes on and on and these are widespread issues, not just problems I saw.

So when I find out that an HTC employee, who has been identified as one Erick Nielsen, made the following statement…

Sorry to hear about the experience. Sorry about the Thunderbolt in general. It was a difficult project. I wish we didn’t destroy your trust in us, but I understand why you do feel that way…

…it really burned my ass.

As I mentioned, this is an unofficial apology, but it clearly shows that HTC knows the Blunderbolt was a hunk of shit. What are they willing to do about it, though? Nothing! What about all of the people who spent their hard earned dollars on those overpriced doorstops? Well, apparently, fuck ’em.

So now HTC is pushing their new “One” smart phone out to the market in hopes it will help salvage their reputation. (They didn’t even offer us one for review, even though we previously reviewed their Arrive Windows Phone.) Well, I’ll tell you this much HTC, it won’t help in my mind. I’ll likely never buy another HTC product and I know many people who feel the exact same way.


That's what I think of your "apology"


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