Why Have An Android Phone When You Can Have A Windows Phone, Says New Microsoft App

Posted by on May 1, 2013 at 9:54 am
It's handy, but only a little bit.

It’s handy, but only a little bit.

What was once the primary phone of my dreams is now the secondary phone of my dreams, but I have to hand it to Microsoft for trying, even as I separate further and further from their ecosystem. I’d heard about this app for a week now, but when I was able to finally dig it out on the Play Store – it’s not the first app listed under “Switch Windows Phone” – I had to give it a shot, just to see.

Windows Phone is known for its implicitly spartan presentation, but this app takes the cake on the functionality front. After giving it permission to check your phone, it runs through all your apps, trying to find matches for what you have available. As you see above, it found matches for 82% of my current apps on their greener pastures.

But it’s a missed opportunity, an obvious result of a rounding error in the marketing budget. The app wouldn’t list exactly which apps those were. Once you (optionally) upload that list to your Microsoft account, the app closes. There’s no environment emulation, no tutorial, no immersion factor, no real, tangible reason to switch over. Why should I switch to a phone that has less apps than I already have? Why would I want to pay the same for less. That’s not a reason to switch to Windows Phone.

I want Windows Phone to succeed, but it seems they’re just not trying hard enough.

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