Shut Up And Take My Money – Audio Edition

Posted by on September 30, 2011 at 12:43 pm

Last week we had items ranging from back shavers to wearable sleeping bags. Well, today is another pay day in the working world and for some, that money is already burning a hole in their pocket. Make sure to clear your ears out with a Q-Tip and let’s waste that hard earned cash!

My Keepon -$49.99

You might have already seen this on the most recent Engadget Show but it’s too cool to pass up. My Keepon, originally used as a device for autistic kids in a theraputic environment, is now dancing its way to your front door. The dumbed down toy (not to be confused with the autistic version) has a built-in microphone, touch sensors, and multi-axis movement. This little guy will listen for the beat and rhythm and party rock to the song until it’s battery dies. But that’s considered torture, so don’t do that.



SleepPhones Headphones – $39.99

There’s nothing better than falling asleep to music. The unfortunate aspect of it is finding a comfortable position where the headphones won’t mush the sound or squish your ear. All of those problems are tossed out the window with the SleepPhones Headphones. Designed like a head band, you’re able to sleep, even work in total audio comfort. That and you’ll look like you’re into sports and out door activities. Go you!


Rock-It 2.0 – $50.00

At some point in everyone’s life, there comes a time when you want to share your favorite beat with friends. Sure, your iPhone has decent volume but it’s no good if there’s a lot of surrounding noise. The Rock-It 2.0 can save your face by using ANYTHING as a speaker. That’s right, this little bullet shaped machine can make the lamp spout out your tunes loud enough for everyone to hear. I’m not quite sure how it works other than calling it magic.

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My Keepon

SleepPhones Headphones

Rock-it 2.0

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