TV Cancellation/Renewal Roundup: Why Do I Bother Watching TV Anyway?

Posted by on May 12, 2012 at 2:55 pm

There is a bunch of stuff that I don’t agree with, with this round of cancellations and renewals. I suffer the most out of the entire staff because I will pretty much watch anything that keeps my attention. That being said if you listened to our last podcast you heard that Alcatraz was cancelled. Who didn’t see that coming though? We’re starting off with the bad news first then ending with the good news! If I don’t talk about a show it’s because I don’t care about it. Deal.

## Spoilers throughout this entire thing! ##


Alcatraz – This show should have never been made in the first place. But since it did why do you have to cancel on such a cliffhanger? Rebecca gets stabbed by her grandpa and we learn there are prisoners being released throughout the US. WHY THOUGH? I need to know!

The Finder – FU Fox. This show is just one of those easy watching, good feeling shows. I even reviewed this show saying it was pretty awesome!

Breaking In – SERIOUSLY, FFFFUUUU Fox! This show was not for the average person out there, I get that. It was for us nerds or maybe I was the only one who watched it. I liked Brent Harrison’s character and the chemistry he had with Alphonso McAuley’s character. Christian Slater being the coolest laid back boss in the world was awesome too.

The RiverIt took me a couple of episodes to get into this show but I liked the paranormal and magic aspect of The River. It would’ve been nice to see what happens next and if they finally find the source. Who cares though, right, since it’s been cancelled and all.

Missing – I watched the pilot and then forgot about it until a few days ago. Of course I get almost caught up and it gets cancelled. That’s cool…

Awake – The show was interesting at first but then was kind of boring, they spent to much time on him solving police cases and not enough time solving the case of which reality was the real one. I really don’t care anymore but if you told me I wouldn’t be upset.


Fringe – This is the one that has me most excited. Why don’t more people watch this show? I haven’t seen the finale yet so don’t say anything!

Community – Totally happy this got renewed. It seems though they have just been doing random episodes and not following a particular story line. I understand though because they’ve been on the chopping block before.

Revenge – I don’t know why this is renewed. We saw what should have been the end of the show in the first episode. I feel like this should have been rapped up in 10 episodes. I watched 1 – 12 and have the rest just sitting in my queue. Unless Emily VanCamp starts going on a murderous rampage this show may sit in the queue forever. It’s not revengy enough for me…

Grimm – I’m really surprised this got picked up for another season. I’m not mad or anything because it has grown on me. I like the character relationship between Burkhardt and Monroe.

Nikita – I thought I would check this show out because Lyndsy Fonseca is super hot. I actually like this show for more than that. It’s a kick-ass spy show, kind of like missing but way more technology and government corruption. I’ve only seen season one though because I got into the show as season two was starting and you know, Hulu doesn’t have the rights for the entirety of season two so I will have to wait until Netflix gets it!

Parks and Recreation – I like this show. Characters are great, there would be nor reason this got cancelled.

The Office – I’m curious to see what happens next season. The last couple of episodes really got my slipping attention.

Parenthood – I’m sure Nick is excited that his favorite show in the world was renewed. THE SHOW IS FOR 12 YEAR OLD GIRLS, NICK!

The moral of the story is to not watch TV because you will be disappointed when a show gets cancelled and it never closes out. All those hours you’ve wasted. I’m off to clean up my Hulu queue, tear.

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  • Chris Harmon

    Why does anyone bother to watch television? Everything that’s any good
    gets cancelled. It happens every time. I hate television. I only watch
    DVD, Netflix and Hulu and STILL the cancellations catch up with me. I
    was watching a show, got into it and couldn’t wait for the second
    season. Well guess what! Television struck again. There was no second
    season. So screw TV if it airs on any of the networks I’m not watching.