Listen To Shiny Toy Guns’ New Album – III – Right Now

Posted by on October 15, 2012 at 1:53 pm

Superman would be proud.

It’s been a long time coming for the synth-rock quartet Shiny Toy Guns, but their newest album, their third, even, is dropping in nine days. Ahead of the drop, they’ve made the entire disc available for streaming. After two confidence-mining, soft singles (here and here, although technically three when you figure in last year’s “The Sun”), listening to the full album restore some of my faith. It’s too early to render any verdicts, so I’ll link it for you below.

First impressions come off as follows: it’s very eighties-esque. It wouldn’t surprise me if they gave M83’s latest double-disc a listen and said ‘oh, right, we can do that.’ From the shout-chorus of ‘Carrie’, the guitar-screaming ‘Speaking Japanese’, and the heavy piano on ‘Take Me Back to Where I Was’, you get the feeling these could be fine alongside a Cindi Lauper track from the period. There are some stoic selections here in ‘If I Lost You’ and ‘e v a y’, too. The best part of the disc may be that it’s different than their last two outings. Anyway, check out the full disc below.

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