‘The Walking Dead’ Review: Season 3, Episode 8 – “Made To Suffer”

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What a twist!

If you’ve seen this episode, then your mind is probably still blown. Let’s dive into the juicy, rotting innards of The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale! As always: SPOILERS!

The Prison

As the episode opens, we’re in the midst of the forest as a new crew, headed by Tyreese, is hacking their way through a herd of walkers. One of their own, the pretty girl, gets bit and doped up on some strange sense of compassion, decide to haul her to the nearest safe haven: the bombed out end of a prison, the same one being inhabited by Rick’s crew.

On the other side of the complex, Axel is trying to put the moves on Hershel’s young, blonde daughter before Carol puts an end to things. Axel assumes Carol is a lesbian because of her short hair, despite having a full family a few seasons back. He’s amused at her revelation, she’s not. The crew hears a struggle down the hall and Carl volunteers to investigate. Hershel tries to stop him, but Carl asserts himself and runs off. He encounters the Tyreese and his crew who are struggling to fend off the walkers, dispatching a few with some wicked headshots and bringing them into the block’s holding chamber. Carl volunteers to dispatch their soon-to-be-zombie but Tyreese takes the charge, “we take care of our own.” Carl locks them into the holding cell where he advises they’ll be safe with plenty of supplies, a warning Rick has given a few times already to their transients.


Ah, yes, the action! Maggie explains that The Governor didn’t have his way with her and Glenn breaks open the walker from the last episode and produces some bone shards for some nice stabbing action. When Merle and a red shirt arrive, Maggie destroy’s the latter’s throat and points an Uzi to Merle’s head, but just like our little anti-climactic rumble a few episodes ago, they’re quickly over a barrel when the rest of his posse show up to bag them.

Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Oscar infiltrate Woodbury in search of their friends, catching a native in the process and binding him. They find them and, with their wonderful collection from the prison’s armory, toss down some flash bangs and smoke grenades to rescue their beaten friends who were off to a vile demise. Michonne departs the group to handle The Governor, but stumbles upon his wall of zombie heads and his daughter from earlier in the season. The Governor stumbles upon them just as Michonne discovers the bagged girl is actually a zombie and against his pleas, runs her sword right through the back of the girl’s throat. They get into a fight and destroy many of the head vats. Michonne rips a glass shard from one of the fallen tanks and stabs The Governor in the eye. Before she can finish the deed, Andrea presents herself with pistol drawn. After a tense standoff, Michonne departs while Andrea tends to The Governor.

Rick and the crew battle their way out of Woodbury through the haze of their smoke grenades. They knock many of the guards off rooftops and it’s clear that Woodbury’s militia is hardly trained, something The Governor admits. Rick hallucinates that Shane is about to blast him with a shotgun, but is quickly dispatched. The phantasm is merely a Woodbury guard, but Rick’s slipping mind is becoming more and more apparent. They manage to flee over a bus, but not before losing Oscar, who was becoming a pretty cool asset to the group. Michonne regroups with Rick’s crew and convinces them that she’s an asset, not a liability. Unfortunately, Daryl is now missing.

The Governor address the town of Woodbury at their biter arena and, in true fashion, explains that he’s scared and that they’ve found the traitors. “One,” he says, “is among us!” and in a twist, points out Merle. His companions quickly turn on him when it’s revealed that The Governor also has Daryl in his possession.

End scene.


Holy shit! February can’t come soon enough!

10/10 FleshEatingZipper

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