From Tool To Limp Bizkit: A Tribute To Radio Rock (1999-2007)

Posted by on July 8, 2013 at 4:56 pm
Throw your hands up!

Throw your hands up!

Oh, radio rock. What started with some music videos on MTV ended nearly a decade later when I got rid of my car and hearing many of these bands outside the fleeting context of the daily commute was a struggle. The melodies were simple, the hooks nearly primordial, the lyrics almost plain and lengths rarely exceeded four minutes, but for most of the aughts this was the soundtrack of my life. There are plenty of rock bands I was introduced to at the same time, like Powerman 5000, but since they never got airplay, they sadly didn’t get a slot here. Now it’s time to reflect on the good ol’ times, of that bittersweet era of my musical childhood…


When I got to college, no one would shut the fuck up about Audioslave. It wasn’t until later that I would realize this was one of the biggest supergroups of the early aughts. Between most of Rage of the Machine plus Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, it started to make sense. I didn’t even mind them. Now they’re gone.

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