And, FINALLY, It’s Time To Talk About Planetside 2 – With Gameplay Video

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Planetside 2, Sony Online Entertainment’s re-imagining of the hit MMOFPS Planetside. We’ve been waiting for SO LONG to be able to really talk to you guys about this and now we can.

Where should I start? That’s the only question…So I suppose I’ll start with the world of Auraxis and how we came to be here, according to the history of Planetside 2…and some Planetside 1.

The game is set in a parallel universe wherein humans were doing what humans do, namely killing each other. A war had raged for so long that the planet was all but decimated and just when it seemed like we were going to finish each other off for good the people detected a wormhole at the edge of the solar system.

This discovery caused the people to put aside their differences and start working toward peace because they all realized how stupid they were being and took note of the fact that there could be someone else out there who was looking to kick their butts all over the galaxy. After this, an unprecedented period of peace was ushered in with the creation of the Terran Republic, a militaristic government comprised of the heads of all of the nations and focused on keeping the peace on the planet.

After a few hundred years of this wormhole re-appearing at a regular interval, the people decided that they should go have a look at it and see what’s up so they got a bunch of ships together and flew out to the wormhole. When they got there, they decided to enter it and when they did…whoopsie! It collapsed, taking out half of their ships and a lot of their resources with it.

What was left was a rag-tag band of scientists, military and corporate sponsors, along with their security forces, who were looking for a place to find food and supplies so they wouldn’t die out in the cold vacuum of space. What they found, eventually, was the planet Auraxis…devoid of any life except plants and covered with futuristic technology. Of course, being humans, they had to have a peek.

From there, the story gets a little hazy so we have to revert to Planetside 1 to fill in some gaps. The short version is that the planet used to be inhabited by a race called the Vanu. The Vanu had mastered nano-technology and seemingly made themselves immortal – incapable of dying because if they were to die, the nanites on the planet would reassemble them in a perfectly live version of themselves, complete with memories and all. By the time humans got there, the Vanu were nowhere to be seen.

The Terran Republic took this as a sign that they must have become extinct. The scientists saw this as a sign that they needed to get all sciencey and the corporate folks…well, they saw this as a sign that they needed to get paid.

As time went on, things started to get tense. The Terran Republic (TR) started locking down access to the technology that had been left behind. This, of course, upset the scientists who want free access to the technology so they would be able to experiment, explore and try to find a way back home (among other things) and the corporate folks, who had begun calling themselves the New Conglomerate (NC) wanted access to the technology so they could get fat paychecks.

The TR said “NO” and the NC went bonkers. Using reclaimed weaponry from their security forces, the NC attacked the TR and all hell broke loose. A war which can not be won began to rage between the rival factions with each side killing the other in wholesale slaughter. Of course it’s hard to kill someone on a planet which reconstructs a person after they’ve been killed so the two sides let loose on each other day in and day out, fighting like madmen.

Eventually, the scientists began calling themselves the Vanu Sovereignty (VS), named after the race who had lived on this planet before and mixed with their belief that the Vanu were supreme beings – that their technology was the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe. These VS scientists got their hands on ancient Vanu weaponry and then they, too, went to war…again both factions – believing that they needed sole custody of the technology in order to take full advantage of it.

So here we are. Stuck in a war that can never end because no side can ever be utterly defeated, fought with weapons brought, salvaged and stolen against tyranny, dictatorship, corporate greed and reckless curiosity. Each side has its reasons and each side is ready to die for their cause…The one thing that can’t do.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the game itself:

Planetside 2 is a massively multiplayer online first person shooter which allows the player to use infantry troops, ground vehicles and aircraft against their enemies. It exists in a persistent state which means the war never ends. When you go to bed, your faction mates will continue fighting. When you go to work, they continue fighting. When you get home you can jump back in and pick right up with the fight. It doesn’t stop just because you do.

Kinda like real war only not quite as loud and you don’t have to deal with that whole getting killed thing…because that’s always a pain in the ass.

The game is still in closed beta, meaning it is nowhere near ready for release and it’s already gorgeous. The graphics are clean and smooth on anything other than very low end machines and while some bugs and issues exist, they aren’t huge at this point…Also, the game is still in closed beta so if you’re already playing, you MUST expect that.

Seriously, stop crying about a few little bugs. The game is in closed beta.

We’ve been having an absolute blast playing so far and fully intend to keep playing the game all the way through launch and beyond. If you’re a Planetside 1 veteran and loved that one, you’ll love this one too and will most certainly want to be playing once the game releases. We awarded it Best Shooter and Best MMO at E3 2012 and being in the beta, seeing what progress they’ve made since we played it at E3 and knowing some of the plans they still have for the game, I am 100% certain we made the right choice.

It’s that good.

Below you’ll find a video in which I talk about the classes, the menu systems, the certification system, vehicles, resources and combat and you’ll find us live-streaming the game on and ustream on a very regular basis. You’ll need to follow us on twitter (@fezhq) to get in on the live stream so make sure you do so you can see some ‘splosions and get in on the amazing action which is Planetside 2!

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