Coming Soon! The 10 Games I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On In 2013 And Beyond – Part 2

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The other 5 titles I’d punch my own mother to get my hands on

A couple of days ago I banged out an article talking about depression and anxiety and getting all emo because the world is in a shambles and how the only cure for my fever is more video games. In that article I talked about 5 of the 10 titles which are coming out this year or in the near future that I absolutely must get my hands on and promised that I would finish up the rest of the list today so here it is.

Again, in no particular order:

Everquest Next

EQN will use SOE's Forgelight engine which looks really, REALLY good

EQN will use SOE’s Forgelight engine which looks really, REALLY good

Ok, let’s be straight here…At this point, there’s not really a whole bunch of information floating around about Sony Online Entertainment’s third installation in the Everquest franchise, commonly known as EQN or EQ Next. What we do know is that Everquest 3 was well into its development cycle when the whole project was scrapped because it fit too neatly into the same old MMO mold that everything since Eq1 has been made with. The details are very sparse at this point but we know that SOE is planning on changing the MMORPG genre dramatically. They cited the tired old loot and level system and the world acting as nothing more than a backdrop as failings of current MMORPGS and have promised that things are going to be much different with EQN. They say that players will immediately recognize the MMO heritage but this is going to be a brave new world.

Can’t WAIT!

The Last of Us



The last of us is a post apocalyptic survival horror game which takes place in a world in which a zombie outbreak has lain waste to everything. In the game, you will control the main character, Joel, in a third person perspective while you navigate the world which is populated with nasty zombies, hostile survivors and some friends. This ain’t your regular old shoot-em-up style zombie killer game, though, it is a true survival horror with puzzles, stealth and very limited ammo and supplies. To me it feels like a mix between Tomb Raider and I am Legend…With zombies. Everything I’ve seen of it so far looks amazing and I’m all over this one on May 7, 2013. Zombies beware.

Tomb Raider

She's baaaack...Back to the PAST, that is!

She’s baaaack…Back to the PAST, that is!

When we got to check out a little bit of Tomb Raider at E3, I remembered back to when this one came out on the PS1 all those long years ago. It was a blast and I played it for hours and hours and hours. Over the years, many sequels to the original Tomb Raider have been released and we’ve learned how Lara Croft is just about the baddest chick on the planet – A mix between Indiana Jones, Rambo and Rhona Mitra. But who was Lara Croft before she became a bad ass, tomb raiding vixen with guns and balls the size of small freight trains? Well, she was a bit of a pussy, apparently, and in the latest installment of Tomb Raider, we get to join Lara during that part of her life, to see her transform into the woman she is today. The graphics look slick, the story looks amazing and I look forward to getting this on one March 5th, 2013.

Star Trek

More Star Trekie goodness

Yet another title we got to check out at E3 2012 and one of the ones I am more excited about. Star Trek is going to feature asymmetric gameplay, the concept of which became THE buzz phrase at E3. I’m pretty sure the presenters for all of the companies were threatened with drawing and quartering if they didn’t use that term at least once per presentation. Anyway, the concept of asymmetric gameplay is having multiple players who aren’t necessarily doing the same things but are working toward the same goal…Assisting one another in various ways. The concept is pretty hot and when mixed in with Star Trek, and the introduction of the Gorn – The lizard-like reptile people – as well as solid acting from all of the people who played in the latest Star Trek release, this promises to be one of those titles you have a really hard time putting down. Coming April 23, 2013.

Beyond: Two Souls



Beyond: 2 Souls is an upcoming supernatural thriller by Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream. Since E3, there hasn’t been a whole lot said about it but we do know that the main character will be played by Ellen Page who has commented that the script for the game is over 2000 pages long…Yeah, that’s two thousand pages. That’s a lot of acting. We know that the game will support the Playstation 2’s “move” technology, like its predecessor Heavy Rain, and that the game will be a journey through 15 years of the main character’s life, from the age of 8 through 23. During this time, she will be trying to discern the nature of an entity named Idan who travels along with her. I really love things which are shrouded in so much mystery and the release date for this one is just as much a mystery as any other part of the game. We’re hoping for 2013 but there’s been no confirmation.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. With all of this gaming goodness coming over the next 12-24 months, I really don’t know how I’m going to have time to do anything…like eat, sleep or even shower. So I’ll see all of you – skinny, tired and stinky – later!

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