Ghostbusters Review (iOS): The Best Mobile Ghostbusters Game Yet

Posted by on January 28, 2013 at 7:38 pm
Who are you going to call...again?

Who are you going to call…again?

Who knew Ghostbusters was popular enough to have another iOS game developed? Beeline Interactive must have hired a bunch of ghosthead developers because this iteration is the bees knees.

It doesn’t take long for people to figure out how much of a Ghostbusters freak I am. Give me two minutes and I’ll quote a line from the first film. If I don’t like you, you’ll get one from the sequel.

Needless to say, I’m very particular when it comes to Ghostbuster licsenced games. Fans have been given pure unadulterated crap through out the years. It’s as if Columbia Pictures told developers, “Hey you’ve got complete control over creative quality.” Just take a look at the Nintendo’s/Genesis games. Clearly Activision had never seen the film nor cared for a coherent story. It wasn’t until 2009 when Sony released a legitimate game that helped a new wave of other GB games come to fruit.



What caught me off guard about this version of Ghostbusters was its story. It begins with the scene from Ghostbusters where Peter Venkman is studying the effect on negative reinforcement on ESP ability. The game and movie both show that the male student displaying ESP ability, but Venkman isn’t really interested.

This is where the game picks up. That curly haired goof ball is so upset that he’s willing to do anything to get back at Venkman. A strange person/ghoul takes him under his wings. Several years later, strange occurrences begin to happen and it’s up to the old and new Ghostbusters to figure out who’s behind it.


The Map

Beeline’s Ghostbusters seems to have taken ideas from past games and simply made them better and much more fun. You’ll notice the familiar top down view of NYC where you can choose between calls with difficulty ranging from easy to hard.

Perhaps I’ve lived under a rock too long but I’ve never played anything like this before. You control each ghostbuster with a swipe of a finger. Aiming is simple with a long stroke towards a target. As your characters bust ghosts, they level up and are able to receive upgrades to equipment. After awhile you develop a stragedy on placing the ghosbusters.

Bustin' makes me feel swell.

Bustin’ makes me feel swell.

There are different classes of ghostbusters: scientist, wrangler, and blaster. The scientists neutrona wand can be used to heal busters along with blasting enemies. The wrangler is able to…wrangle the ghosts around the playing field to make the playing field fair. Last but not least, the blaster; a member capable of taking down a ghost from a far. Each ghostbuster has a perk that can be used in battle. I found myself frantically tapping the icons during a hard battle.


So, in order to hire the original GB's you need to fork out $20. No thanks.

So, in order to hire the original GB’s you need to fork out $20. No thanks.

One issue I’m having difficulty with, is the in game purchasing. You want to play as the original ghostbusters? Get your wallet out, because it’s going to cost 5 bucks per buster. I’m sorry, but I can’t justify it; especially when they don’t even look like the films counter parts. It is possible to earn power cores, but it’ll take you months. This alone is why I can’t give the game a higher score. Speaking of power cores, if you’re energy is zapped (each responded call takes away 20 out of 100 points), waiting until it’s replenished is a game in itself. But hey, nobody likes to wait! By purchasing power cores, players will be able to get right back in action! Lame.

It can get a little hectic.

It can get a little hectic.

I knew immediately what kind of game this would be when I heard Ray Parker’s theme song play at the main menu. It’s surprising a stylistic game such as this wasn’t created before. I’ve already spent several hours playing Ghostbusters and look forward getting to the 7th floor. I just wish they had an elevator.

8/10 FleshEatingZipper

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