5 Games You Missed At E3 2013

Posted by on June 18, 2013 at 3:09 pm



Up for some puzzles? C3 caught my eye largely because of its sci-fi themed gunmetal spaces, but kept me on for its interesting puzzles. Assembled as an ongoing project from the team’s project days at Full Sail, you play a robot on a journey from chamber to chamber. In each cube, are spires of light with colored cubes knotted on them. Left or right-click on them and the entire chamber twists. If you happen to be on one of the level’s stationary platforms, you can avoid the turbulence and have a better shot of re-aligning the level to reach the exit. The first chamber showed level-twisting on one axis, but things certainly got challenging as the number racked up. If you’re up for some head-scratching action, here ya go!

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