5 Games You Missed At E3 2013

Posted by on June 18, 2013 at 3:09 pm


Witch Hunt

I enjoy dual-stick shooters, so being lured by the Lazy Penguin team from Bringham Young’s E3 competition-winning team was an easy call. Thematically, it couldn’t be older school: you play as a fairy tale witch out to… I don’t know, cause havoc? Murder bunnies? Murder lots and lots of furry woodland creatures? Well, that’s what you do here, all set ironically (or rather, more ironically) against fuzzy Ragtime diddies. The action is smooth and fast, weapon upgrades are hefty and while I only made it through three of the chapter’s five bosses before they did me in, I was having a fun time. One wrinkle in the formula, something that will change from chapter to chapter, the team says, was the ability to quickly teleport out of the way of most anything, which turned what would’ve been a series of inevitable deaths into a kind of ballet. When I chatted with the team, they said that publishers had already come through and made offers to buy their game, but I have no doubt they could make something a bit more out of it, make it a truly rare gem.

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