Ron Paul: Hurry Up And Win Already

Posted by on January 29, 2012 at 8:27 am

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It’s easy to say that Ron Paul is unelectable, because he is. He’s the Conan O’Brien of the GOP race: he can’t win, but we want him to. Meanwhile, a schlub like Gingrich (Jay Leno) or Romney (uhhhh…) is winning over audiences with middle-of-the-road talking points with a flat or conniving character behind it. Let’s me be frank: if Ron Paul can’t win the GOP nomination, then the party doesn’t deserve to win this November against Obama.

I’ve written about Paul before. I like his stuff. He represents such a sturdy buffet of fundamental Republican beliefs (lower taxes, smaller government, states’ rights) and has such a consistent voting record that this it’s no wonder he’s such a polarizing character. It seems bizarre to me that the most honest politician in the running is given such little talk time compared to the snake oil salesmen he’s running against. Here’s the thing: the GOP has an uphill battle against Obama as is. Even if Obama has been a middling President at best (despite his incredible charisma) the balkanization of the GOP, in large part by the ‘hey, I feel disenfranchised as a GOP voter!’ Tea Party, has really scattered the field on viable candidates. Except that little engine that could. Ron Paul.

So why elect such a polarizing figure? Why not? Both parties have embraced rampant spending and the GOP has seemed to lose its identity with such bland candidates. With Paul holding behind Mitt ‘non-disclosure’ Romney and Newt ‘I could run against Clinton in the Sleaze Olympics’ Gingrich, it’s a dream to see him pull off a some big primary wins in the upcoming weeks. At least he’s doing better than Rick ‘I look like I’m about to cry every single time you look at me’ Santorum. Even if the rest of the government stops most of Paul’s work, enacting 10% of Ron’s positions would put our country on a better path that would help us for decades to come. People: pick the person who’s actually going to fix the problems.

Oh, and keep the conspiracy theories at home.

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