I Interviewed For Apple And Survived

Posted by on February 17, 2011 at 7:00 pm posted an article about Apple retail store employees and how they deal with customers, product launchers and so on. I thought, why not take one step backwards and explain the process of becoming an Apple employee…

Anyone interested in computers can tell you they thought about getting a job through one of the retail stores at one point or another. If you’re passionate about something, the next step would be find a job or career that relates to it, right?

Let me share my experience with you.

Fresh out of the south side of Chicago and back in sunny AZ, I needed a job. There were two choices to make:

1. Beg for my old job back.


2. Apply for a job at Apple.

I chose both but promised myself if the Apple job came through I’d dump the other. Weeks after applying, Apple contacted me via e-mail congratulating me for being invited to a group interview:


You have been selected as a candidate to attend our invitation-only hiring event for the Apple Stores in the Arizona Market!

We think you possess something we are looking for and we want to meet you!

Are you a rock star when it comes to Macs?
Do people really like working with you?
Are you an expert in hardware diagnostics, troubleshooting and repair?
Do you live the iLife?

We are hosting a Hiring Event for our Arizona Market! The Apple Store locations that we are hiring for are: Derp, Derpderp, derp in derp, derp and derp. We are looking to fill positions including Full Time and Part Time Specialists and searching for Genius and Family Room associates as well.

This is the first step in the interview process.

1) Reply to this e-mail to let me know which seminar you are able to attend. Please provide a first and second choice as these seminars tend to fill up quickly. I will respond with a confirmation email letting you know which to attend.

2) Arrive at the seminar and check in 15 minutes early, and plan to be with us for about two (2) hours. Feel free to dress business casual (jeans and a polo are fine). Out of respect for all candidates, those arriving late will not be admitted
*Keep in mind that we are currently looking for part time and full time employees and are NOT hiring seasonal.

• Learn about the store, the position, interview process, and timeline.
• Ask questions, get answers.
Oh yeah, have some fun…after all this is Apple.
Important: Flexibility is a MUST. This is retail! The store is open 7 days a week, and has extended hours.

We could change your life in one week. Join us!

Derp Derp
Apple Recruiter
Southern California

If you found any part of the e-mail lame, you are not a candidate for Apple and you passed my test. Read along.

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