Android OS Reaches 75% Marketshare, iOS In ‘Distant’ Second

Posted by on November 2, 2012 at 8:09 am

I see you hiding in the corner, Apple!

I suppose it was inevitable. Analyst group IDG recently unveiled that for the third quarter of 2012, shipments of Android-powered smartphones reached a critical 75% of all shipments made worldwide. That’s right, three out of four smartphones shipped to retailers and other resellers in the entire world had a core by Google a mere four years after Android’s debut.

It seems like an eternity now, but I remember when Google’s crazy new operating system was being introduced to the world on the G1, a phone that represented HTC’s first leap away from Windows Mobile devices. It wasn’t a great phone, but it was a good start for the fledgling OS (and it happens to run Jelly Bean!). Of course, the Droid game with all of Verizon’s marketing muscle and the rest is history. Now, last year carried similarly exciting numbers for Google, but then Apple had its best quarter ever, selling over 35 million iPhones following the release of their 4S. You’ll have to remember, of course, that Android is available for free to a variety of developers and hardware makers and Android phones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Meanwhile, Apple releases a single new model a year and has been caught under fire for not putting much energy into updating them, or when they do, mess it up royally in spots. Against Android’s massive hold, iPhone devices only took 14% of all shipments, despite the iPhone 5 releasing at the tail end of the quarter. Windows Phone gained some less-muted enthusiasm by jumping to 2% marketshare (up from 1.4%), just below Symbian, who had once been Nokia’s dominant key to the kingdom.

Source: IDG via VentureBeat

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