iPhone This, iPhone That: The CES iRoundup

Posted by on January 9, 2013 at 9:02 pm
Apple always crashes CES. What did they do this year?

Apple always crashes CES. What did they do this year?

While major and minor tech businesses are scrambling to impress investors at CES, Apple has been rather hush-hush. Well, except from these rumors/press releases seethed from the depths of Cupertino.

It seems like the gap spanning between new Apple devices are getting smaller. Rumors about the next big product certainly doesn’t help either. For those who just bought an iPhone 5, you might not want to read ahead.

1. The Economy iPhone (ePhone)

The WSJ always tends to be spot on on unannounced Apple products. That might have something to do with their reliable, yet unknown source that just so happened to release this information during CES. You’ve become too predictable, Apple! This low priced iPhone will come at a cost though. Instead of the usual glass or metal casing surrounding the phone, the ePhone (You’ve heard it first here!) might be more related to a Ken doll. Great for 3rd world countries, but will we see it in the US?

2. Straight Talk’s iPhone 5

You’ve probably heard Straight Talk buzzing around the water cooler lately. It’s one of many pre-paid services out there that don’t require shitty subsidizing contracts with expensive bills. One thing ST does to stand out against competitors, is the BYOD (bring your own device) feature. Essentially, all you need is to purchase a SIM card from ST, and plug it into your existing cell phone. The $45 plan sounds too good to be true. With unlimited data and voice, one might ask, “What’s the catch?” Data is capped at 2GB and Straight Talk has the right to pull the plug on your service if you go over the amount. However, it’s the best option out there if you’re wanting to save money while having a very nice phone. Just don’t abuse streaming and you’ll be fine.

3. T-Mobile iPhone in 3-4 Months

After comparing penis sizes with AT&T and Verizon at CES, the top brass at T-Mobile also decided to share that they will be getting the iPhone, sooner than later. In fact, we’re looking at 3-4 months instead of the projected 6-9. This is great news for those who don’t want to deal with AT&T’s subsidies and high priced plans.


Needless to say, all of this inexpensive talk is looking very good for wallets. For me, the Straight Talk deal looks most appealing. I might have to ditch my Lumia 900 on AT&T for it. We’ll see.

Source: Macrumors

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