This Is Our 1,000th Article!

Posted by on January 1, 2012 at 12:30 am

That’s right, everyone! This is our one-thousandth article, published exclusively out of love, just for you. Thank you for supporting us this long because the best work is on the way. Come join us as we reflect on a thousand articles of editorial greatness!

It’s really been a thrill to watch FleshEatingZipper grow and flourish over the course of a year. Our articles have gone from 30 views a day (20 of which were our relatives) to 30,000 views and more. We’ve expressed our unsolicited and often harsh opinions on everything from TV shows and movies to zombie costumes at Phoenix Comicon, and everything in between. You haven’t always agreed with us, but that’s okay. Our goal is to speak the truth as we see it and make it as fun and entertaining for our readers as we can. We hope you’ll stick with us here at FleshEatingZipper as we dive head-first into 2012. The best is yet to come!

It feels like it was yesterday when I offered my writing services to this website called FleshEatingZipper. And I must say, never have I ever felt such a deep presence of hatred so much before. Yet here I am, still begging for another serving. Thanks to all of those who’ve enjoyed those blunt articles and thanks to those who wish me a swift death. Without your constant support, we’d be nothing. I look forward to offending you all in 2012!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m the worst writer at FleshEatingZipper, but these guys keep me around. They say it’s for my brains and not my body but I don’t believe them. We have all learned a lot about how the internet works with articles that we think are going to be hot or videos that we’ve put hours and hours into to only get a couple dozen hits. 2012 we are going to rock, look for us winning Grammy’s and MTV Video Music awards and probably the Nobel Peace prize. That is all from me because this post was written in the past and I was working on the new site design!

Has it really been that long? Our first official FleshEatingZipper post was my pan of the Bulletstorm demo (which ended up being a disappointment after all, we are such prophets!), but it was the false start of a series I never did, lol. From crappy reviews of crappy movies to crappy reviews of great games, I’ve loved the feedback I’ve gotten and the conversations we’ve been able to have as writer to audience. Look forward to some great stuff around the corner!

The year long time paradox, feeling like we’ve just gotten started must be because it’s been quite a ride. I went from writing a small about Angry Birds to ripping out a 10,000 word zombie apocalypse survival guide, to getting in on a few previews and betas and it’s really been an indescribable experience. The crew here at FEZ is incredible and make things go really smoothly. Even with all of us here doing the work though, we couldn’t do it without the readers and the fans and all of the great feedback we get from everyone. We even listen to the trolls! Thanks to everyone who has stopped in and we look forward to entertaining you (Even when that involves pissing you off a little) for the next 365.

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