‘Strip Search’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 13 “Elimination #4”

Posted by on April 12, 2013 at 11:42 am
Another stalemate deliberation!

Another stalemate deliberation!

What. The. Fuck?

After last week’s challenge, I mentioned I was a little surprised they saved Erika’s two selections for this elimination episode, which has always been a little on the flat side. Ultimately, it made a lot of sense and there’s plenty of heightened dramatic tension in this episode as a result. Nick, who had won previously in non-artistic challenges, such as the job interview or how best to handle people on Twitter, was put up against Mac, the quiet and super shy guy who has so far flown completely under the radar. In the theater against Mike and Jerry, they picked out the topics “flatulence” and “the fair”, which immediately made me think of this Penny Arcade strip.

This week’s lineup looked exactly like the last, where one produces a more artsy strip, but one produces a strip with an actual punchline. This lead to some incredible stress between the Penny Arcade guys, but Lexxy was eliminated. On that logic alone, it looked like Nick would be the clear winner because Mac’s strip failed to connect. However, while Mike and Jerry felt positively about both of last week’s strips, they felt negatively about Mac and Nick’s strips. In a bizarre turn of events, both were eliminated.


Complicating things further is that before the episode cut away to credits, Mike and Jerry deploy Grant (the host) to retrieve Lexxy, who’s been staying at the hotel.


Am I sorta outraged that Robert held them against the rules last week and didn’t, say, eliminate Abby, but then bent them this week? Y’know, not really. Neither Nick nor Mac were going to win in the long run considering the competition in the house as-is and so seeing them gone and bringing back a better artists not only spices things up, but makes the world more even.

There will definitely be an uproar, though.

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