Building Oceana: The Verge’s Minecraft Pyramid – Week Three

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This is part of an ongoing series chronicling the construction of Oceana, an epic Survival-built megastructure on the Vergecraft server. Be sure to check them all out!

Week One – Week Two – Week Three – Week Four – Week Five – Final Week

It’s hard to believe it’s already been twenty-one days since we started this project. My Minecraft statistics say I’ve put about nine and a half days on the Vergecraft server in the past two months, which by itself ranks as one of my most played games ever. After capping the pyramid last week, this last shift consisted of more menial, tedious tasks such as completing the infrastructure on the lower levels. That isn’t to say we didn’t accomplish some cool tasks in the other spaces, such as Happypizzza’s completion of the external glass casing along the entire first level (that’s a lot of glass!). Last week we only had two squares (of the total fifty-five) built and now we’re at roughly triple that. So what went down in Oceana this week?

Tahl’s Machinations!

Now that the pyramid’s structure is starting to mature, it came time to integrate a lot of the satellite facilities. Early on, I assigned a space for our engineer Tahl to place his various material generators. Thankfully, creating a solid floor in levels B and higher is a lot easier than the ocean-based level A (more on that in a second). The Resource Hut was always designed to be temporary, but the sheer size of some of Tahl’s machines, the ones that produce many of the materials used for the pyramid’s construction now, were a bit too large to keep tethering to the facilities outside the pyramid. With this new space, we not only had a single location to produce the materials, but with a new resource hut, are able to smelt and store them, too. So awesome.

The sand generator! Wait, you could tell by the…

Tahl’s TARDIS. It’s, uh… it’s a mystery.

The new resource hut, built by Saravog, Alec, Moose, and others!

Oh, really? Do you?

Last week I showed you Living Space Lima, a place where anyone could start building their own home. You’re looking at Victor, the second of twenty-four of these spaces. Again, we had to sponge out two layers of ocean on top of a smoothstone flooring, a considerable task considering we were running low on disposable materials like dirt and gravel at the time. This meant a lot of sponging, scavenging, then sponging again. This process took about two and a half hours between two or three of us. Thankfully, there are only twenty more of these lots on level A. Eep.

We’ve come a long way on the pyramid’s external glassing thanks to Happypizzza and his tireless efforts. You see the greening Victor space at the bottom. Dirt only looks so pretty, y’know. Move in today, no covenants or HOAs!

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