Building Oceana: The Verge’s Minecraft Pyramid – Final Week

Posted by on May 21, 2012 at 10:27 am

The completed outer casing of Oceana

This is part of an ongoing series chronicling the construction of Oceana, an epic Survival-built megastructure on the Vergecraft server. Be sure to check them all out!

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This was a red letter week for our favorite digital pyramid as we hit several major milestones in its creation and step into a whole new phase of construction. Now that Oceana is complete as a structure, we shift toward the individual modules that will make the pyramid a self-sustaining city. So what did we get done this week? Let me show you…

The members of the team that brought us our final diagonal


Last week I noted that we were very close to finishing the structure of Oceana, but I undershot the day we’d complete the diagonals by a day. So just after I finished last week’s article, we were putting in the last of the our diagonals. With a handful remaining, we ran through the meager supply of resources we had on hand to pull them off all the while hunting for the stray support that we’d looked over. With all of our diagonals tucked away, it felt like we’d taken a big turn in Oceana’s development for the better, the culmination of so many weeks of effort.

That Last Diagonal - Rated R, Starts Friday

The inner structure of Oceana shimmers like a sea of neurons... if that's what they do. I don't know.

Nineteen running the glass furnaces


With the diagonals in place, it was time to complete another significant element of the structure: the glass casing. When we’d originally plotted the pyramid, the idea of casing the structure entirely in glass was a debatable issue. With Paul off the project, I decided that sealing the project off from the world was not only a functional key point for the pyramid, but an aesthetic one. Until our engineer Tahl brought us a sand generator, we’d half-stripped the nearby desert to its ragged limestone and dirt base and would have eventually needed to import the much-needed sand from distant sources. The remaining thirty-someodd panels required roughly twenty stacks of glass each to complete and a steady workflow to ensure supply. A pair of us worked the blaze farms to supply the fuel for the furnaces while Nineteen and Russlar kept those stacks full of sand and kept the blaze rods smelting. Three to four of us then laid down the panels. We worked late into the evening with Blind finishing up the work late at night on a panel we’d missed. Not feeling rain within the pyramid anymore is a new sensation…

Mmmmmm, all that glass...

Like an epic science-fiction cathedral

Blind_guy23 fixing a row as he builds

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