Building Oceana: The Verge’s Minecraft Pyramid – Week Four

Posted by on May 7, 2012 at 11:55 pm

This is part of an ongoing series chronicling the construction of Oceana, an epic Survival-built megastructure on the Vergecraft server. Be sure to check them all out!

Week One – Week Two – Week Three – Week Four – Week Five – Final Week

And here we are, now a month into the Oceana project. This week the pyramid began to take on its final form and we had to say goodbye to a few elements dear to our massive pyramid. Still, progress has remained steady despite a smaller group of key personnel. The server’s white list has been missing for several weeks now, which has stopped any new gawkers or admirers from being able to view our mighty work. Let’s start off by saying goodbye to Oceana’s original benefactor.


As I mentioned last week, Verge Senior Writer and Oceana Founder Paul Miller committed to abstain from the internet for a year, which unfortunately means no casual visits to check on the pyramid’s progress. While he claimed to merely be the pyramid’s mascot after the first few days, his presence and input was always greatly admired. He approached the project like a little kid whose imagination had been set ablaze with the promise of a giant pyramid that only existed in his mind’s eye. I’m talking as if he were murdered, but such was Paul’s influence on the pyramid’s staff. Whether getting the server’s population excited about shipping away thousands of stacks of smoothstone to some distant jewel in the ocean or having his inactive body being tossed around the map like a dufflebag for last-minute photo ops, watching his smiling, Mad Man-inspired avatar blink out of existence was a major turning point for the project for me. Now we need to finish it.

Goodbye, Resource Hut

With the completion of Tahl’s Machinations last week, the days of our fabled Resource Hut were quickly drawing to a close. While it was never intended to be around for long, its production replaced by three internal pyramids once the frame matured, arriving in Oceana one day to see its sprawling mass cut away and gone was like losing a friend. Our original hut was never designed to any plan, which is why each part felt way too small. From the earliest days, we used it to launch all of our building efforts and its humble wood and cobble framing reminded us that we had a long way to go. In its place is a new glass airlock and platform that matches the existing style of the pyramid feeding up to T.C.’s original rail line. We’re better prepared to build the pyramid than we ever have been, but it doesn’t hurt to look back…

A historic corner of the pyramid featuring (R-L) the original dig point for Oceana’s first resources, the ironically-branded east center marker of the pyramid, and the entrance to Paul J. Miller Park.

Oceana has come a long way. Above is the skeleton of the top three still-uninhabited layers of the pyramid with Oceana Grand Central serving as the glowing thread and functional elevator to them all. The following list represents the current spaces within the pyramid, of fifty-five, and their completion:

  • Living Space Lima – COMPLETE – Week 2
  • Moza’s Spleef Arena – COMPLETE – Week 2
  • Tahl’s Machinations – COMPLETE – Week 3
  • Living Space Victor – COMPLETE – Week 3
  • Living Space Hotel – COMPLETE – Week 4
  • Paul J. Miller Park – COMPLETE – Week 4
  • The Farm – COMPLETE – Week 4
  • Living Space Uniform – PARTIALLY COMPLETE –
  • Living Space Oscar – PARTIALLY COMPLETE
Check out this week’s amazing triumphs in construction!

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