Building Oceana: The Verge’s Minecraft Pyramid – Week Five

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Oceana builder Salaman completing a diagonal

This is part of an ongoing series chronicling the construction of Oceana, an epic Survival-built megastructure on the Vergecraft server. Be sure to check them all out!

Week One – Week Two – Week Three – Week Four – Week Five – Final Week

This past week brought a ton of progress in the Oceana Mega-City Pyramid project. With the Vergecraft’s server white-list open once more, new players are now finally able to stream into our digital frontiers. The list, which had been instituted to limit griefing to existing structures (an issue that, unfortunately, still occurs), was shut off for several weeks. But things are different now. Before we dive into the cool individual accomplishments in the pyramid, let’s talk about the pyramid itself, which has seen a hefty upgrade as it reaches completion.

Gazing at the underbelly of Club Disqo.

Looks like a giant spider when you think about it.

A view like this won't last long as structures begin to fill the pyramid.

Diagonals, diagonals, everywhere…

As I mentioned last week, the pyramid has become mostly feature complete. With the important tunnels and complex nodes out of the way, it’s now the structure’s diagonals – the twisted tunnels that serve as the interface between levels – that need our attention. While their construction isn’t as complicated as the nodes were, they require a variety of materials and there are a lot of them to build. Each node from level B upward is served by four of them, requiring not only specific planning and placement, but also standardized terminals to work inside the cramped nodes. Another complication is that only a handful of players are trained to build these structures, which sounds like a borderline job, but certain disciplines are required to pull off a structure like this. This also meant that construction of these elements was reliant on the availability of specific players.

I’d set a goal of Monday (uh, today) to complete all of these diagonals and while we fell a little short, it wasn’t from a lack of effort. Builders Gloorfindel, Salaman, and even nDanskey worked to bring as many of these to life as possible.. Level A’s diagonals had been completed two weeks ago and as of this writing, Level D had been complete and Level C only required a handful more. With the completion of these diagonals and their external glassing, the pyramid is complete. This should happen in the next week.


Incredibly helpful navigation aid.

Blue represents south. Red, west.

Not Quite GPS, But…

Navigating the pyramid, especially as it’s become larger, has become more of a chore. Even experienced builders can struggle to orient themselves in the arcology (yes, me too!). This week represented a big leap forward to removing this entirely. The first aspect was introduced by mfish125, who produced new transit-style signage to point players toward local landmarks such as Tahl’s Machinations or Living Space Lima. Another huge component, one that I’d pressed Oceana Farm builder saravog for, was colored wool for cardinal direction. Replacing the tunnel lips in each node with color-coordinated compass points keeps you pointed in the right direction at all times

Jloye's Golden Gate Bridge

The Gold Line

In my first week of coverage, I’d mentioned that players Forge and Flancrest had tunneled to Oceana from the spawn point in Verge City, granting players easy access to the pyramid by rail. Before that tunnel could be completed however, an express line had been carved out by Verge writer and server admin T.C. Sottek, leaving the south line of the pyramid dormant. Until this week, that is. It took a month to summon the materials needed, but the 2500+ block length between Oceana and Verge City is now, finally, complete.

Oceana Grand Central, completed by DefenderCrash1 and mfish125

One major component in the wrap of the Gold Line (named after Jloye’s bridge, which streams from the pyramid’s south end) was the completion of Oceana Grand Central. While the base platform had been laid some time ago and the accompanying vertical structure that grants elevator access to the other levels of the pyramid also done and locked away some time ago, a lack of formal terminals had really put a damper on its usage. No longer! Oceana Grand Central features separate arrival and departure terminals allowing intuitive transport in and out of the pyramid. If required, OGC can be expanded into north- and west-facing directions as the server expands. On the other end, ConnorTurnbull tied the Gold Line to Verge City’s Grand Central, a stone’s throw from the server’s spawn point.

Now that everything is done, it came time for an epic first ride, of course.

The brave first passengers of the Gold Line

A lack of powered rail (or just general malarkey) caused bottlenecks departing Verge City

Paul J. Miller Park before...

Paul’s Park.

Last week, we said goodbye to Verge Senior Editor and Oceana benefactor/founder Paul J. Miller as he was leaving the internet (and subsequently, Minecraft) for a year. Builders had begun working in this space early on as it was adjacent to our original Resource Hut, but for most of its life, it remained an unsponged pool of ocean. Even after its base platform had been laid down, the park hardly seemed like a clever enough send-off to the affable writer. BroDaddy and sc1p1o were brought on the case.

...and after. BroDaddy gazing upon his creation

Working together, the two turned the bland green square into a feature-filled tribute. BroDaddy completed a massive bust of Paul’s avatar while sc1p10 created a massive water fountain in the center of the park. If you have yet to visit, it’s a stirring reminder of who we’re building for: Paul.

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