FEZ Week In Review: Week #15, 2013 – PC vs. Console Gaming, Motocross Madness, Elysium

Posted by on April 12, 2013 at 3:06 pm
Half-way through April already? Criminy!

Half-way through April already? Criminy!

FEZ Week In Review is a series where we go over the stories that mattered most to you in the past seven days, whether gaming, tech, entertainment or otherwise, we bring them together for you to view in one quick glance!

99% Pure Cupcakes.

It’s so much easier to make meth in a kitchen than in an RV, right?

10. ‘The Simpsons’ Uses Couch Gag To Parody ‘Breaking Bad’, Wins Heisenberg’s Approval

Just... so many!

Yeah, none of us here play these games.

9. ‘Dota 2′ Surpasses ‘League Of Legends’ As Most-Played PC Game In America, Depending On Who You Ask

The Hornet. Supremely flexible...with the right parts.

Lots of customization? Lots.

8. ‘Star Citizen’ Talks Customization: This Ain’t No Cookie Cutter MMO

It's, uh "Block" Gulch. Geddit?

A pleasant surprise!

7. Guncraft (PC) Beta Preview: Far More Than Meets The Eye

Well, there it is.

Clever, clever.

6. New Epic Rap Battles In History Pits Skrillex Against Mozart

I'm not going in that cellar.

I told you it was gonna be gruesome!

5. ‘Evil Dead’ Remake Review: Almost Too Evil

Remember that brief pocket of time when pre-rendered 3D backgrounds were so hot? Yep, Evoland has them.

A largely missed opportunity

4. Evoland (PC) Review: A Decent Tribute, An Under-Cooked Game

"I'm sorry, that big metal piping is going where?"

Matt Damon gets bald and exoskeletal, just for you.

3. New ‘Elysium’ HD (1080p) Trailer With Damon, Foster Is Science-Fiction “For The 99%”

Finally, a new dirt bike game!

A solid Arcade dirt bike racer!

2. Motocross Madness (XBLA) Review: This Ain’t Your Pappy’s Dirt Bike Experience

Sometimes people want a keyboard and a mouse and a joystick and a dedicated thumb input. Sometimes they don't.

Some passionate responses here!

1. PC Gamers Already Hatin’ On Next-Gen Xbox, PlayStation 4, But Why?

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