2012: FleshEatingZipper’s Year In Review

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We are still just as sexy as ever.

We are still just as sexy as ever.

This is the point in our year where we open our calendar apps and drag our thumbs up ever slightly to reveal a whole new year of adventure. FleshEatingZipper made some pretty big strides in 2012, our first real year on the interwebs, and it’s time we reflect on the stories we loved and hated throughout. Unlike last year’s entry, my brain isn’t saturated in other sites’ recollective fantasies, so this is going to be as off-the-cuff and completely unhinged as possible. Also, I’m going to talk a lot about the site, which you guys have made better and better through your fanship and interactions! So without further ado, what did we do in 2012?

There's a lot of sweat going in this picture that you can't see.

There’s a lot of sweat going in this picture that you can’t see.


We started out the year with some pretty cool site changes and a clever redesign. We launched two new comic series, the introspective FleshEatingZipper and The Walking Ted. We’ll produce more some day, honest. We also dropped Disqus and embraced Facebook for our article comments system and let me tell ya, the IQ of our conversations shot up fifty points. Night and day. I produced a few episodes of The N5 Show, a little thing that reflected what I thought and didn’t put into article format. Keith showed us what OnLive Desktop was like before (spoilers!) that company ate a huge turd sandwich, then showed us what surviving Tough Mudder was like. It’s hard. Kelly discovered How I Met Your Mother, Johnny (sorta) loved Halo: Anniversary, and we shut down the site in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Rob’s reports from Star Wars: The Old Republic became increasingly tragic.

Originally a user-created set, LEGO Minecraft became a real thing this year.

Originally a user-created set, LEGO Minecraft became a real thing this year.


Did you think there would be a Ferris Bueller 2 trailer during the Super Bowl? Yeah, we felt ripped off, too. Double Fine got their adventure game funded via Kickstarter, an event that would launch thousands more efforts to make dreams come true through crowdsourcing. This month, we brought on movie review mogul Russell, a brilliant move considering he’s been making fantastic reviews all year. LEGO, LEGO everywhere and not a drop to drink as I delved into my favorite childhood toy once more. Then I interviewed Newgrounds’ Tom Fulp and Maddox, so that was cool.

We FEZ folk are soooo fancy! Hut hut and cheerio and all!

We FEZ folk are soooo fancy! Hut hut and cheerio and all!


Windows 8 Consumer Preview launched and we didn’t skip a beat helping you set it up on your virtual machine! Cody loved Soul Calibur V, I hated Kony and KONY 2012 while Keith and Rob definitely hated Mass Effect 3’s ending. After an expensive transaction, we were made aware of and completely forgot Draw Something.

You know what's cool? This phone.

You know what’s cool? This phone.


Keith upgraded from a pay-as-you-go Android phone to the sparkly new Lumia 900 and we were all infinitely jealous. Instantly. Rob brought cyberbullying to light and we had a healthy debate after the fact. I took on Minecraft again in a huge way, starting work on a massive pyramid project called Oceana that went on for weeks while Rob shot Hitler. We also brought our mobile site online, something many had clamored for, especially amongst the team.

Put it in your mouth.

Put it in your mouth.


Everyone loved The Avengers, I hated it. We also couldn’t get nearly enough of Ritz’s new Crackerful snacks! The world lost a Beastie Boy and we gave our E3 predictions. Kelly hated TV churn, then continued to watch TV. Keith (kinda) solo’ed it at Phoenix Comicon and even brought us a podcast! Vagina hands.

*circus music*

*circus music*


Guys, we went to E3. Hardcore. We saw the Wii U, went to all the conferences, and had some amazing podcasts. I eventually stopped filming Keith in our documentary of the whole thing. We even got to chat with some cool celebrities (both gaming and of film) at the Noobz premiere! I loved Indie Game: The Movie and said goodbye to Zune. Were you there to watch the Star Trek liveblog where I watched all ten films in a marathon sesh? Oh man, that was something else, especially as our city burned. Did you know about the Musketeers, the oldest gaming group in the world? You should. SimCity Social emerged from the ether to be a disgusting pile of filth while Google Glass may save mankind.

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